Mobile Apps for Schools

The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Schools

Mobile apps for schools can provide many solutions. One of the main problems schools face is lack of effective coordination and communication system between teachers, parents and the school community. Children’s academic performance and development of school depends highly on the association between the school administrators and parents. Traditional systems of communication schools have been using to contact parents are expensive, time consuming and ineffective. With the rate at which millions of people acquire mobile phones and tablets, it is logical for all schools to embrace communication through mobile devices. Mobile apps have become essential part of mobile device users. 

At Mobile Giant, we design quality mobile apps for schools and provide app management services to our customers. The following are some benefits of having a school mobile app as a communication platform between the school, parents, and community members.

Mobile Apps for Schools

One of the main problems schools face is lack of effective coordination and communication system between teachers, parents and the school community.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App for Your School?

  • Keeping the school community informed and closely engaged to school activities
  • Instant publication of school information into the school website via mobile devices
  • Automatically provides weather bulletins, sports activities, closing dates and other important events
  • Promote the school brand to the community
  • Provides a family user experience with updates feed-style interface
  • Provides the user with a full control of the app
  • Work seamlessly with the school website hence leveraging tools in the website
  • Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Our school apps are customized to meet your school needs
  • Save time and resources such as papers and phone calls
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our App Management Team helping you with all your push notification alerts, updates and reminders

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The Benefits of School Apps During Emergency Situations

Close contact with parents is essential because several emergency cases arise at any time within the school, and parents should get information as quick as possible.  Our mobile app allow you to:

  • Instantly inform a parents of a school “lockdowns” due to other urgent reasons
  • Inform parents to come and collect their children because of indefinite closure of the school due to disease outbreak
  • Provide updates for postponed events
  • Inform parents about an urgent meeting to address an emergency
  • Inform parents to collect their children due to indefinite closure of the school, minimum days, etc.
  • Make important announcement to parents about unexpected changes in school administration
  • Inform parents about last minute changes due to adverse weather conditions

The Benefits for Parents

  • Our school mobile apps increase interaction between teachers, parents and children
  • Parents will be more responsive to their children’s social, psychological and intellectual requirements
  • Parents get all notifications about their children’s learning progress in time
  • Parents will be confident with the quality of education their children receive
  • They are more likely to assist when teachers ask them to do so because they are aware of the school activities
  • Notifications, constant alerts and updates from school improve the perception of parents about the school
  • They become actively involved in the school policies and development

The Benefits for Children

Quality of education and sporting activities of children are determined by the kind of relationship between parents and teachers.  Our mobile apps enhance effective relationship between parents and teachers.  With a mobile app for your school:
  • Children improve in their learning and sporting activities irrespective of their parent’s level of education
  • A good parent-teacher communication helps children achieve better grades and attendance
  • Children will consistently complete their assignments and homework
  • Participation of parents in school activities improves self-esteem of children
  • Children are more orderly with higher aspirations and motivation towards the school
  • They develop positive attitude, which results into good behaviors
  • Improve understanding among children from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Enhances better transitions among junior students with limited chances of dropping

The Benefits for the School

  • Active involvement of parents and the community in school activities establishes better reputation of the school within the community
  • Consistent alerts and notifications from the school encourage parents to support the school because they feel part of it
  • Parents’ involvement in the school programs improves the performance of the school in terms of quality education and services.
  • The school greatly reduces it spending on papers, printing and typing ink
  • It improves service delivery by the school
  • It reduces the carbon footprint of the school due to the reduced paper use
  • Reduces the number of staff a school would employee as typists, receptionists, and office messengers

Top 10 Reasons Why Your School Needs a Mobile App

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